First off, thank you for the past year and congratulations on your landmark at DNC!

Reviews have always been special to us, they are yardstick to indicate the not just our individual growth, but also that of us as team and a company. Below are some quick questions for you to assess our past year, together- so take out some time and answer these in peace.

Post that we’ll discuss this over coffee :)

Name *
Whether its six months, one or five years- these are huge landmarks in your career. How do you feel about where you are!
Tell me about all the things you do, especially the things you didn't imagine yourself to be doing before you joined.
What would you like to be different?
In terms of tech and physical resources. If not, what can we add to your kit?
It doesn't have to be an existing role- list things you think you could do.
Tell me not just about what you want to accomplish professionally, but also personally.
You can list more also!
It could be a project, a role or simply some tasks that you see others doing or think need to be done.
Tell me what you imagined and what today is close or far from it.
Hobbies, classes, skills. What would you like more time for this year.