We design to bring together love, hope and benevolence. It is with this love, that we bring you, our little ‘pitara’ of happiness.

Designed in our trademark style, rent our unique settings for your celebrations.


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Limited Edition



“Lafzon se likhi hai yeh Inaayat.”

Inspired by sufi traditions- handwoven brocade details come together with the beautiful gulab.

We recommend pairing it with traditional thalis and lots of desi gulab strings.

2 Brocade Runners
2 Brocade Throws
3 Brocade covers
3 Pink brocade cushions.
20 Silk Pink flower Strings
20 Silk White flower Strings
3 Brass Thalis
2 Brass Glasses
30 Gold Gota Flower Sticks for brass glasses

Only one collection available


“Zari zardozi ke aangan mein, hum bhi bhul gaye, jo bachi haazrate noor se bandh li hai.”

Inspired by the moon, silver and pale pink come together to create this beautiful setting perfect for a dinner or a mehendi at home.

We recommend pairing with silver thalis and lots of jasmine flowers.

2 Pink Table Runners
2 Pink Throws
2 Pink Sequins cushions.
2 Gold Jute Sequins cushion covers
7 Silver Glasses
42 Silver Gota Flowers
10 Silk white flower strings.
20 Silk peach flower strings.

Only one collection available.


“Patthar se likhe khwaab, kabhi amer bhi hote hai”

Inspired by the traditions of Marwar, this look is perfect for a pooja or traditional ceremony at home. The deep reds are reminiscent of the beautiful Kumkum used in celebrations all over India.

We recommend pairing it with traditional thalis, tuberoses and lots of jasmine flowers.

2 Red Brocade Runners
2 Red Brocade Throws
10 Silk Rajnigandha flower strings
10 gota strings
3 Red Brocade cushions 20x20inches
3 off white cushions 16x16inches
3 Brass Thaalis

Only one collection available.

Panic at the DISCO

“Follow the call of the disco ball”

Throw a theme party or add some bling to a casual dinner, this style is perfect for the adventurous.

We recommend pairing it with lots of candles.

Point a light at the disco ball to get the party going!

6 Blue Sequins Buntings
2 Blue velvet cushions.
2 Gold Sequins cushions.
2 Blue and gold cushions.
3 glass lamps with tealights.
2 Gold Sequins throws.
1 Disco Ball
3 strings of fairy lights

Only one collection available.


“Banjaaro ka kya hai thikana, jahan bethe wahi hai basera”

Inspired by the colours of the Thar, this style is perfect for an Indian celebration at home. The Banjaaras are known for their love of bright colours and gold jewellery- their traditions have been translated into this setting.

We recommend pairing it with lots of marigolds.

2 Kutch Runners
2 Kutch Throws
3 Kutch cushions
3 Aztec cushions
3 Gold cushions
16 Pink silk flowers strings
16 Orange silk flower strings
10 Elephant Kaliras
10 Fabric daisy Strings
5 Buntings
20 Pink pompoms DIY
20 Orange pompoms DIY
1 Metal Trunk
10 Paper Origami Strings

Only one collection available.


“Peeli thi woh haldi, ab sunheri hai yeh Basant”

Every winter, the fields of Punjab transform into a sea of yellow. This wave brings with it a time of celebration and jubilation- the onset of spring or basant.

We recommend pairing it with lots of yellow marigolds.

3 marigold cushions.
3 mustard cushions.
3 Brass Thalis
3 Brass Glasses
2 Gold Candelabras
2 Yellow Runners
2 Yellow throws
20 Silk yellow flower strings
10 Gota Strings,

Only one collection available.


“Yeh mashhoor dhage ab aapas mein bol rahe hai, aaj saugat mein ikat ke phool khil rahe hai.”

If we had to design our dream party, it would look something like this. Indigo ikat paired with rani pink mixed with lots of gota.

We recommend pairing it with traditional thalis and lots of desi gulab strings.

2 Blue Ikat Throws
2 Blue Ikat Runners
20 Katran blue strings
20 Katran Pink strings
3 Pink Pompom cushions
3 Aztec Pink cushions
2 Pink Ribbon Chandeliers
7 Brass Glasses
2 Aztec Poufs
20 Silk Pink flower strings
42 Gota flowers sticks for brass glasses.

Only one collection available.



“Nani ke aangan mein laga tha woh yaadon ka Genda Phool”

The Indian marigold is symbolic of celebration- versatile and beautiful. The flower inspires this look in shades of bright orange and off white.

We recommend pairing it with lots of orange marigolds or local greens.

3 marigold cushions.
3 Orange cushions.
3 Brass Thalis
2 Gold Candelabras
20 Silk Orange flower Strings
10 Silk White flower Strings.

Only one collection available.


“Let’s plant our own gardens and decorate our own souls”

Channeling our obsession with botanical prints, this look was curated for lunch parties and soirees at home.

We recommend pairing it with pink and white hydrangeas. Try this look in the evening with lots of candles and fairy lights.

2 Botanical print runners
6 Botanical print cushions
6 Acrylic candle stands with candles.
4 Assorted white birdcages.

Only one collection available.


“Bachpan ke khwab, firki se laut aate hai”

Add a playful fun twist to your home with these colourful pinwheels set in gold painted kettles.

We recommend pairing it with large glass vases filled with fairy lights.

5 Gold Kettles
25 Paper pinwheels
20 Gota Strings
3 Aztec red cushions.
3 Pompom teal cushions.

Only one collection available.


“New seeds come out of their winter graves, could spring be far behind ”

Inspired by the beauty of spring, this is perfect for an elegant dinner or lunch party at home.

We recommend pairing it with lots of fresh flowers and potted plants.

3 Pink Bird cushion covers
3 Blue Pompom cushion covers
6 Blue paper tassels DIY
20 Mirror Strings
6 Fairy Lights
2 Pompom Runners
2 Pompom Throws
6 Tin Buckets large
8 Tin Buckets small
35 Light Pink pompoms for tin buckets DIY
35 Light Blue pompoms for tin buckets DIY.

Only one collection available.