Born and brought up Lucknow, growing up I could never have imagined that I would be leading a team of young designers in an attempt to change the landscape of the wedding industry.


One of the things I often get asked is: How did you get started in all of this?

For as long as I can remember I have always been a curious person and wanted to do something for myself.

Growing up in a family that was always looking for an excuse to celebrate was a blast! Reasons like “because we’re family” or “‘cos we just won a match” were always enough. Now I’m finding excuses to bring people together and bring back the happiness that has always been a part of celebrations.

But, it didn’t all start like that. It began with me wanting to pursue a Literature degree and becoming a journalist. So I packed my bags and headed to Delhi to follow my dreams. After several failed attempts at media jobs and a lot of angst trying to choose just one thing to be in life, I realized that my unusual combination of interests and skills was a strength, not a liability. I gave up the pursuit of a regular job and sought a creative life, despite my inability to draw.

Four years into working as a planner for another company, I decided I wanted to do something of my own.

Weddings, till this point had all been about theater and showmanship and revolved around impressing your guests. I wanted to change all of that and be able to create weddings that were personal and truly brought people together to celebrate.

These days, I spend my time trying to understand the psychology of spaces and see how they can contribute to celebrations and not just make a difference but also give back to society- all while I try to coach the best team of designers in the world!



I believe you must give all of yourself to whatever it is that you do- your time, your energy and all your heart. My business is run purely on instinct and having our hearts in the right place. I constantly endeavor to make our work fun not only for us, but also for our clients! 

This philosophy, a lot of hard work and a master stroke of luck has brought us a lot of acclaim in the recent past.


If you’ve read this far, thank you. I hope this is just the beginning of our relationship. Feel free to connect with me to hire us, work together with us or even just to chat.