KARISHMA + ASHWIN | A Mehendi like no other!

Inspiration: The beautiful city of Jodhpur. The bride was very clear she didn’t want the multi color, done-to-death typical mehendi. While driving from Jodhpur to Jaisalmer, we saw these stunning blue and white mud house with silver charpoys and villagers dressed in white kurtas and colorful turbans sitting on them- we instantly knew our Mehendi has to look like that!

Design Theme: Working with shades of indigo, we chose a venue which would resonate the starkness of the Rajasthani desert. The area we chose was an unused/under construction back area with lots of sand- in fact the hotel later added large lily ponds to make them look like the oasis in a desert.

The setting was complete with an Indian bazaar which even had a maalish wala and parrot reader.

Wedding hack: There is nothing more charming then going local and being inspired by the destination/venue you’re in. Plus its cheaper! All the tents were custom printed in Jodhpur, the roses came from Ajmer. We used clay animals bought from the local potter and flowers growing in the hotel lawns to make table arrangements.

Venue: Suryagarh, Jaisalmer

Structures and Rentals: Bombay Tent

Florals: Saini Flora

Karishma + Ashwin | Rustic Rajasthan

Quick Question: What makes travelling for 16 hours by train and another 3 by car worth it? An opportunity to work in a venue like this.

Standing in the middle of the desert, this is perhaps one of the most beautiful locations to get married in. Subtle, charming and so gorgeous! Jaisalmer, is not your traditional wedding destination, which is exactly the reason why it was chosen for this wedding. With its charming fort market, winding roads and camels for co travelers, it is a paradise tucked away in Rajasthan.

The first time we saw Moolsagar, it was an absolute mess. With overgrown grass, bugs and stagnating water. After four months of cleaning, a lot of hard work and going back and forth, we transformed it into a stunning wedding.

The family was clear from the very start, that they wanted to retain the rustic aesthetic of the space and not convert it into an ornate palace wedding. Softly done to seem effortless, we used local clay lanterns and lamps along all the pathways. The Mandap ceiling was covered with bells made by a local potter and fairy lights were hung from trees to create a magical garden. The florals were minimal with lots of rose petals and local jasmine

Wedding Hack: Use diyas (clay lamps) to fill large empty spaces at the venues. It’s an old school trick that works wonderfully at any wedding.

Venue: Moolsagar, Jaisalmer, India.

Flowers: Saini Flora

Structures and Rentals: Bombay Tent