Spardha + Ashish | Rock 'n' Roll Wedding

Spardha and Ashish are the most “offbeat” couple you’d meet, which is why we were sure that this would be the ‘coolest’ wedding of the season. The wedding was filled with things they love, which made it not only personal but also super fun for the guests. Here are some super fun ideas you can steal for your wedding.

1. The Wedding in the hills. In a world where everyone wants a beach wedding, Spardha and Ashish chose the hills. Not only was it different, but the weather was super and it worked out very economical. Find a destination close to you - all their friends and family literally drove down from Delhi and Chandigarh- its super on the pocket and a lot of fun for guests as well.

2. The Jaimala Backdrop. Spardha wanted something simple, yet personal for her backdrop (after all, that’s all you see in photos!) So, we printed her favourite quotes from Anais Nin on parchment paper and suspended it behind them. If you can’t decide on a quote, pick your favourite song and use it in an interesting font as the backdrop.

3. The Leather Jacket. How often do you see a bride with open hair and in a leather jacket? After the ceremony was over, Spardha decided to look more like “herself” and ran up to her room and put on a leather jacket ( It was really cold!). I love how amazing it looked in photos.

4. The bonfire night with the dance off. The traditional Sangeet before the wedding, was a beautiful bonfire night under a canopy of bulbs, set on the fringes of the forest, complete with popcorn and a guitar. The coolest thing was the dance off – Spardha and Ashish’s version of the couple dance was a dance off to Uptown Funk (Ashish’s favourite song!) and The Rolling Stones. Super fun!

If you think a dance off is a bit much for you, have a flash mob. Get all your friends to randomly break into coordinated dance moves in the middle of the wedding  :D

5. Bubbles. All of us love blowing bubbles and wanted them at the wedding. We put out baskets filled with them on the morning of the wedding. Not only did we have a party with them, see how amazing they looked in photos!

See more photos from this super cool weekend!

Venue: Woodville Palace, Shimla

Photos: Stories by Joseph Radhik