VARSHINI + ROHIT | An old world romance

Varshini and Rohit are a contradiction to the times we live in. They could easily pass of as royalty from a hundred years ago- everything from their personal style to wardrobe reflects their love for vintage. For their wedding, they chose the beautiful Suryagarh as the backdrop and we designed an aesthetic that was above everything else – classic.


The Polo brunch:

SBJR_Varshini+Rohit_373 (2).jpg

Rohit loves polo, so much so that Varshini claims he loves his horses more than her! Their brunch was inspired by his love for the sport- large umbrellas, cushions inspired by a photo of him playing, polo trophies and horseshoes defined the décor for the afternoon.

The Sangeet:

Was a recreation of Varshini’s love for designer Sabysachi and everything vintage. Velvets, sequins and beautiful lamps lay casually in the royal gardens to host a night of dancing.


The Mehendi:

In our little imaginative world, we see a little differently. Sometimes through our eyes and often through the eyes of others. For Varshini and Rohit, we created a mehendi inspired by an imaginary setting - if Mary Antoinette and Maharani Gayatri Devi met for tea. We had macaroons and maharaja tents set under the vibrant desert sky. Royal, mad and entirely whimsical- only we can dream of such things!


The Ceremony:


We've always believed in a modern interpretation of the traditional. Brass, tuberoses and handwoven fabrics are a constant in our little universe.


Varshini and Rohit wanted an elegant royal wedding, one that also personified their South Indian heritage. Guests sat around a stepwell filled with the fragrance of fresh tuberoses as the pheras took place under a beautiful canopy of natural greens.


 The ceremony was followed by a sit-down meal. The Sadhya meal is perhaps the most beautiful way of serving food- it’s almost an art form. Long tables were set under an air-conditioned tent, draped with banana leaves and brocade runners. Comfortable charpoys were set out for a quick nap between courses. After all, a wedding is foremost about the food.

horizontal decor- varshini+rohit-098.jpg


Design and Concept: Devika Narain & Company

Venue + Food: Suryagarh, Jaisalmer

Flowers: Henna Bespoke

Structure and rentals: Rama tent house, Bombay tent house

Furniture: Silverline rentals

Photo: Stories by Joseph Radhik

Film: The Wedding Filmer

Planning: Shaadisquad




Anika + Nabeel | The most unique wedding we have designed!

Anika and Nabeel’s wedding is by far one of the most unique weddings we have designed. Originating from Dhaka, both have traveled and lived all over the world. For their wedding they wanted to invite their friends and introduce them to the rich cultural heritage of Bengal. We worked with local artisans and craftsmen and handcrafted a beautiful wedding for them in their many homes.

All images are copyrights of Devika Narain

All images are copyrights of Devika Narain

All images are copyrights of Devika Narain

All images are copyrights of Devika Narain


Welcome Dinner: Private home, Dhaka

A mad twist on the Sunderbans, the dinner was a recreation of a forest- with neon and life-sized animals of course! Each detail was locally made -in fact, the walls masking the property were hand painted by a local artist.

All images are copyright of Devika Narain

All images are copyright of Devika Narain

All images are copyright of Devika Narain

All images are copyright of Devika Narain


Mehendi: Private home, Dhaka

I will never forget the first time I met Anika, it was past sunset and we met in a dimly lit hotel on Lodhi road in Delhi and in she walked with a giant blueprint. What unraveled was a home they were building outside of town, that we spent the next eight months transforming into a mehendi venue with her team. The function was spread over an entire day (the invitations were for noon and the last guest left post breakfast the next day!) and we wanted to create multiple moments of discovery for the guests. Each space was imagined differently, inspired by the venue, architecture, culture and personal preferences of the family.

The entrance imagined as a flower market led into a Mexican inspired pool lunch and a concert stage set for dinner. The tea garden was imagined as her favorite restaurant in India and the bridal area was an installation of over two thousand hand painted birds. Our favourite part of course were the surprise rooms- a room filled with marigolds, one using just prints, a perfumery and a curiosity corner.

Anika + Nabeel _ Mehendi  (19).jpg

Wedding: Senakunjo, Dhaka

The wedding venue was perhaps the largest venue we have ever designed. A magical Persian city inspired by Tresoldi’s grand structures was created for the reception. A dreamlike city of arches and fountains with floating birds stood over the three thousand guests as local artisans performed in a stage especially built for them. Dinner was laid out in a setting inspired by Persian gardens with large pomegranate trees and details fit for an emperor.

All images are a copyright of Devika Narain

All images are a copyright of Devika Narain

All images are a copyright of Devika Narain

All images are a copyright of Devika Narain

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Design + Concept: Devika Narain & Company

Floral designer: Kalikaar, New Delhi

Flowers: Joy Flowers, Dhaka

Planning: Motwane entertainment and weddings.

Photo: Weddings by Ehab, Reminiscence Photography, Celebrate Once.

Special thanks to the entire team at Square, Dhaka.

Kanika + Rakshit | A Winter Wedding

We adored tailoring this beautifully local destination wedding of love and celebration around Kanika and Rakshit – a perfect example of true happiness and joy!


Their wedding was a coming together of two culturally different families that at the very core were very much the same. A Mehendi at their home, sangeet inspired by light at the Dusit and minimal botanical inspired wedding formed the three-day soiree at the Dusit Devrana in New Delhi.


Kanika and her family wanted to retain the spirit of their family home and add colourful Punjabi details to it. A small colourful tent, bright details in the form of gota and pompoms and colourful cushions formed the background to the Mehendi and Haldi held at home.


The Dusit is one of the most stunning properties in Delhi! I have always been impressed by the large waterbodies that form the centre of the hotel and wanted to create a design that incorporated them in it. Playing with light and the beautiful reflections of the structures that were cast in the still waters, we curated a design experience that was filled with drama. Floating platforms were created in the water with ceiling made of hexagonal lanterns and greens. The ballroom was transformed into a chic space matching the aesthetic of the restaurant for the sangeet and dinner.


Kanika and Rakshit’s wedding was inspired by Indian Botanical prints. In love with the marigold,the entire setting was created around it. Indian details like mauli, kaliras and ghungrus were mixed with lots of candles and diyas. The reception dinner was set under a canopy of chandeliers with tall candleabras and intimate details like customised thank you notes.

Venue: The Roseate, Delhi

Furniture and Rentals: Rama Tent

Florals: Saini Flora

Photo: Stories by Joseph Radhik

Cinema: Chai Productions

Anusha + Dhrumil | Magic in the Middle East.

Every once in a while, life offers you a dream opportunity and when you get the chance to design a beautiful beach wedding by a client that not only gives you an insane amount of creative freedom, but also helps to make it happen- you make this!

Check out the magic we created for Anusha and Dhrumil’s minimal middle eastern wedding.

Structures: Jam Design Centre

Furniture and Rentals: Los Clarita

Technicals: Talentz

Flowers: Henna Bespoke

Props and Linen: Devika Narain & Company

Photos: Stories by Joseph Radhik